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I. Asia Visa Center provides services for formalization of invitations for obtaining a visa to the Russian Federation, as well as other related services, and is responsible only for the following actions:


-to accept an application for registration;
-to issue invitations with data provided by the applicant;
-send the finished invitation to the applicant by email.

II. Asia Visa Center uses all possible precautions in the process of handling Applicants' Documents. However, the Visa Center of Asia is not responsible to the applicant for any Documents that have been lost as a result of an accident, theft, malfunction of electronic systems and communication channels, natural disasters, other compelling force majeure, as well as for other reasons. Asia Visa Center could not have foreseen or controlled.

The Asian Visa Application Center is not responsible for delays in issuing or the result of visa issuance.

Processing of the application begins only after receipt of payment in the Asia Visa Center LLC. on a bank account or in cash at the company's office. All terms for consideration of applications begin on the next working day after receipt of payment. Applications without payment are NOT CONSIDERED.


III. The service charge, fees for other services received by the Asia Visa Center from the applicant are not refundable if the services mentioned in part 2 of this conditions are fully provided, regardless of whether or not the requested visa has been issued to the applicant.


IV.Asia Visa Center may amend, cancel and refuse to fulfill any or all of the points and conditions described above at any time without prior notice. If the applicant is not satisfied with the changes made, he is entitled to refuse the services provided by the company oт their own accord.


V. Any claims or disputes arising accoring to the services provided by the Asia Visa Center to the applicant are resolved in a judicial proceeding by the judicial authorities of the Russian Federation.


VI. In case of payment of the invoice, the applicant confirms that he/she and/or his (her) representative read, understood and fully agreed with all clauses and conditions specified in this Statement of Limitation before submitting the documents.


VII. You can return the paid amount of the service fee of the visa center prior to the execution of the submitted application.


VIII. Asia Visa Center is not responsible for the result of the submission of documents to the consular department of the Russian Embassy in the country of registration of the visa.